Announcing American's new NDC Incentive Program


Issued: June 23, 2017




Today, American Airlines announced a new agency incentive program that will compensate travel agencies for each AA-marketed flight segment booked using an American-approved NDC connection.  NDC (New Distribution Capability) is an airline industry technology standard that enables American and travel professionals to provide more value to our mutual customers.  Details on the NDC incentive program include: 


  • $2.00 USD per segment on tickets, net of cancellation

  • Applies to all AA-marketed flights

  • Available in all points of sale

  • Bookings must be made using an American-approved NDC connection that is IATA Level 3 Certified

  • This incentive will be a back-end payment settled via ARC/BSP ACM (Credit Memo)

  • American will publish complete program details in its Addendum to the GTAA (Governing Travel Agency Agreements)


Attached, please find a copy of the updated Addendum.  To view American Airlines’ current Addendum to the GTAA online, please visit



If you would like to learn more about how to get started, please visit our website or email us.



For complete detail on GTAA and NDC FAQ refer to:  GTAA Addendum     NDC FAQ

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